Ph.D. in Engineering
Master of Management of Technology

Assistant Professor
School of Environment and Society
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Visiting Assistant Professor
Center for Design Research
Stanford University

Research Field

User-centered Design, Engineering/Entrepreneurial Education, Discourse Analysis, Electronic Device.

  • Establishment of the methodology to extract “inconvenience” during device usage by discourse analysis
  • Entrepreneurial education for graduate students with specialized background
  • Overseas expansion of “KOSEN” system, an engineering education system in Japan
  • MoS2 film formation by RF magnetron sputtering for thin film transistors (Ph.D. theme)

“To bridge technology and society” as a concept, we promote research and educational activities.
Specifically, with the aim to develop devices that users can use without discomfort and to improve their quality of life, we try to establish a methodology that extracts “inconvenience” during usage and evaluate the interaction between users and devices.
Additionally, to cultivate next-generation talents who can connect various technologies and society, we try to formalize a practice the methodology of high-quality education that anyone can access regardless of their place of birth and residence.


  • Ph.D. in Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2018
  • Master of Management of Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2018
  • Master of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2015
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2014
  • Associate Degree in Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Nagano College, 2012

Work Experience

  • Board member, NPO Pacific Rim International Camp (2016.1 – 2017.12)
  • President, Student-Run Organization Robogals Tokyo (2015.4 – 2016.3)
  • Project Director, Japan Bangladesh Sister School Project, sponsored by Tokyo Tech Fund (2014.12 – 2015.3)
  • Intern, Chittagong Water Supply and Sewerage Authority, Bangladesh (2013.9 – 2013.12)

Publications and Presentations

T2R2, Tokyo Tech (external link)


  • Tokyo Tech Engineering Teacher Award, Tokyo Institute of Technology (2021.3)
  • International Collaboration Research Project Encouragement Award, School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology (2019.11)
  • Young Researcher Award, School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Tech (2018.11)
  • Outstanding Research and Presentation Award, MOT, Tokyo Tech (2018.3)
  • Best Presentation Award, The 6th International Education Forum on Environment and Energy Science (2017.12)
  • Best Presentation Award, The 20th Anniversary International Symposium, Honjo International Scholarship Foundation (2017.8)
  • Best Group Presentation Award, ASPIRE Forum 2017 Student Workshop (2017.7)
  • Selected as a delegate from Japan, Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (2015.12)
  • Student Research Award, Department of Electronics and Applied Physics, Tokyo Tech (2014.10)
  • Best Poster Award, IEEE EDS Mini-Colloquium: WIMNACT 39 (2014.2)
  • Tokyo Tech Award for Student Leadership, Tokyo Tech (2013.10)
  • Special Fighting Spirit Award, National Institute of Technology, Nagano College, (2012.3)
  • Student Award, IEICE Shinetsu-Chapter (2012.3)